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Services Offered

Most major health insurances accepted,

but verification of benefits is required before your first treatment.

A Co-Pay may be required at the time of your visit.​

Standard Fee:
$125 for the initial consultation including treatment. 

This fee includes a comprehensive initial intake that usually lasts an hour and a half.

Given this is a holistic medicine, your background and health history must be taken into account in addition to your present physical ailment. This will greatly improve the efficacy and outcome of your treatments.

Subsequent visits are generally $75 per session.

Herbs are billed separately.

Treatment Course:
Depending on the chief concern, treatments may be prescribed once or twice per week. Certain health concerns, such as acute injuries warrant a course of treatment consisting of multiple acupuncture sessions within a short period of time (e.g., 5 to 10 sessions with needles on a daily or every-other-day basis).


IVF Fertility​​:

IVF Fertility treatments are done in coordination with your supervising IVF physician.  Treatments are tailored to your individualized calendar of when specific hormones are administered. House-calls are available, particularly after implantation when some doctors may require bedrest or minimal activity for several days.


Cosmetic Acupuncture:

Facial rejuvenation treatment series are conducted twice weekly for five weeks. 


House-calls are available for your convenience.  The fee for a house-call is $30 in addition to the applicable Service Fee.


Financial Hardship:
My philosophy is that no one should be denied access to health care for financial reasons.  Please discuss any true financial hardship with me prior to your appointment in order to discuss payment adjustments.

I look forward to working together with you!

Zoe Meininger, L.Ac.


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